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PostSubject: RULES FOR NEW GUYS   Fri Mar 09, 2012 3:09 pm


please note that there are rules to trading.
- human to cpu trades must be approved on the "trade proposal thread" (cant rip off cpu teams)
- you can only do 3 players per season (to prevent a fantasy lookin like roster)
- you may trade 1-2 or 2-1 or 1-3 like I did (but you must ONLY trade away 3 players.. doesn't matter how many players you get in return for them)
IMPORTANT: Tell us when can you play and when you cannot so we can trust you and you won't be kicked, if you do all this you will gain respect and trust from old members

1. Must be respectful and play sim vs your opponent

2. Maximum 30 FGA by 1 player, over that, you'll be warned, after the warning if you do the same thing your main player is banned for 5 games, if you abuse the rules again, you're out sir...

3. Forum activity 60%, games activity 40%, we know each other here a lot so, we want you to contribute on the forum, talk with the guys, not just random guys playing NBA2K12, we know this is internet and you don't know who the hell is playing you, BUT if you talk with them, they open up and you have somewhat idea who you playing and dealing with and it's easier to play the guy and since you know him, you don't want to screw him up and there will be LESS complaints I tell ya...People who don't know nothing about the player they playing = more chance of complaints, arguments etc...

Fast Breaking

* If you need an exact answer of when it is OK to fast break:
* After steals
* After blocks
* After long rebounds
* Some normal missed baskets
* If your opponent has nobody back because they are all crashing the boards, then by all means PUSH IT.
* If your defender attempts a steal and gets lost by that, you can also finish in a hurry.

5. Do not attempt more than 25 3PFGA per game or in one game, keep it real balanced = sim and NO INBOUND steals below the rim...

6. PIP, 50% 60% , there is legit PIP and lead pass whole day PIP, post up PIP is fine, pick and roll PIP is fine, driving with players who are slashers and if you have a mismatch is fine, cheap lead passing all day is NOT...

7. Important, run some plays, don't run like a chicken, at least simple plays, but you could add some real plays in your arsenal...

8. Full court press allowed in the 3rd quarter/4th quarter if down by 10 or more...You can play zone the whole game, but you must control your on ball defender (why whole game? some teams play zone the whole game, so it's realistic, but you can get raped with shooters), on ball defense is like 85-90%, the rest of it is fighting trough screens, you switch to idk Bellineli to chase Ray Allen through screens, so you can do that..we won't be nice to inactivity, at least 4 games per week and forum activity when the league starts is a must, remember 60% forum, 40% games, members will be kicked if they don't tell us that they can't get games that week.

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